Someone inbox me and tell me about the Spoby scenes and did Spencer have another scene after she was arrested ?

And this gifset represents exactly why Mike and Mona makes me angry.

Why would Mike date Mona after she did these things? I understand that none of them implicate Aria directly but the way the show has represented this makes me angry. Mike saying to Aria in Season 4 essentially, “Mona has done some bad crap, so what?” is complete BS. And then Byron saying this past episode (5x11), “You and Mona have more than the usual history,” is so ridiculously understated.

Mona ran Hanna over, with a car. She gave Emily HGH (Human Growth Hormone/Steroids) which led to her getting an ulcer and almost ending her swimming career altogether. She almost killed Spencer by attempting to shove her off a cliff and then showing her the dead body of her rock, the love of her life, the only person that loves her unconditionally, Toby and caused her to actually lose her mind and have to stay in a mental health facility. She tricked Alison into leaving town and faking her death after cyber-stalking her. 

This is not Regina George, “Girls Will Be Girls” bullying. Why do we have to hear how terrible Alison is when Mona is worse? What has Ali done to those girls that Mona hasn’t topped? Why am I supposed to be okay with Mona being treated as a decent human being? Why would anyone want anything to do with her, especially those girls?

What kind of brother would ever date someone who did this to his sister’s friends, on top of stalking Aria too? It’s so unfathomable to me. And why would Byron support him in any way?

Am I crazy here?

"I’m not judging. I think she’s lucky. Maybe if I had a mom like you, I wouldn’t be sleeping on a bus and making up the rules as I go along.”

You may be privileged but you’ve worked for everything you’ve accomplished. For them, its so easy. They just glide on through.


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Can you do one about Toby and Spencer miscarriage

Spoby miscarriage

You should do one about a miscarriage.




The word didn’t seem powerful enough for the emotion Spencer Hastings was feeling. She shut her eyes, hoping that if she blinked hard enough everything would disappear. The last two years, the ugly texts, the painful attacks, the gut wrenching fear, the stupid pills, the ridiculous people, the destruction of her family, the fighting, the lies, the little cardboard box that sat in her lap.

It wasn’t the box that was the problem.

It was what came out of the box.

It was the pregnancy test that now lay on top of the box.

It was the little pink plus sign that she couldn’t unsee.

Out of nowhere, the nausea that had overcome her over the last few weeks returned.

"Spencer!" Toby’s fist pounded on the door as soon as she lunged for the toilet bowl. "Spence, let me in."

"I’m fine!" She called when she could breathe, hoping the shakiness she felt in her limbs didn’t translate to her voice.

"Just let me come help you," He pleaded gently, his voice soft as silk. "Please, Spence."

She had to blink hard again to push back the tears that were filling up in her eyes. She wasn’t ready to tell him the truth. She knew all that lies had cost her in the past but she wasn’t ready to let him know about this. Not yet. Not until she had come to terms with it.

Spencer Hastings had to be in control. She couldn’t let him know just how scared she was. He’d done so much for her, risked so much, forgiven her for everything she’d put him through. For once, she wanted to return some of that kindness to him, be the one who shouldered this burden.

At least for a little while.

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Protective Boyfriends

AU(Part 2): When Spencer and Caleb begin avoiding her, Hanna grows suspicious. After spending some time stalking them, Hanna catches them in the act and tells the other girls and Toby.