"They have this very well known moment together, Scrabble game in the motel stakeout…"


When Troian said it was like a brother/sister relationship, I immediately thought of the time Selena denied her relationship with Justin Bieber by calling him her little brother.

Toby’s Mom / Spencer Parallels

Spencer relaxing when Toby holds her.

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Anonymous asked: Emily Fields or Aria Montgomery

Omg you completely read my mind regarding how Spencer and Aria were treated during their individual breakdowns. Though I understand Hanna and Emily had different situations to handle, I feel like it's become a given that Spencer is given the short end of the stick. The end scene in 4x19 practically gave that away - the girls only use Spencer for her intelligence

Seriously. I know, Hannily mean well, but I’d give an organ for the girls’ lack of emotional awareness when it comes to Spencer to be acknowledged on the show. It really never ceases to amaze me. People say Spencer doesn’t let people in and Aria does, but I feel like she closes herself off because of past experiences, as a reaction to the way she’s been treated her whole life. 

Your rant was not over the top in the slightest, as I feel even the writers of the show are beginning to acknowledge the stress Spencer is going through. I mean, two spirals, drug abuse, thinking she killed BY, she never gets a break. The girls just expect her to pick up and do all the work and rarely try to comfort her when it's obvious how hurt she is

I know right. It’s so heartbreaking. She takes care of her friends and Toby and then is expected to take care of herself when she always gets the short end of the stick. Toby is the only one who tries to take stress off of her but he’s human, you know, and he does add to her stress sometimes.

I’m so sorry but I’m about to rant.

Okay, so I was just thinking about this as I’m reading but it’s always bugged me so much, how different Hanna and Emily reacted to Aria and Spencer in season 4 and 3. When Spencer was spiraling and Toby was -A, pre-Radley, Hanna seemed unaffected completely by Spencer not showing up to school(about as OOC as you can get for Spencer), not communicating with any of them and lashing out, unless Hanna had a negative thing to say about it. Emily at least said she wanted to check on her but I really don’t think Emily was very good at being there for Spencer either. She lost it and started an argument with Spencer after walking in on her and Andrew’s strip session and I never got over the scene in the crypt with the 3 girls and Spencer. And once Em found out Toby was -A, I thought she just kind of rubbed salt in the wound for Spencer honestly. And once Spencer was committed, Hanna commented several time about how she wasn’t thinking of Spencer in Radley(I mean, I understand the Ashley/Wilden thing was on her mind too so if that was it from Hanna, I’d let it go.) and when they visited Spencer, Hanna started to yell at her. (Aria also called Spencer the weakest link but we aren’t talking about Aria in 3B).

Now Aria was spiraling in 4B(arguably not as bad). And Hanna and Emily were there for her, 24/7. Emily insisted on taking her home, Hanna stayed with her, Hanna wanted to bring her food. They did everything to make her feel better. They were worried before telling her about how to break the news to her. They sat there and listened to her. Emily wanted to go with Aria in 4x21 when she left Rosewood. Emily confronted Fitz for her. And Hanna, who in 3B was juggling a double storyline, scolded Spencer for looking too much at Ezra’s papers lying on the ground and hurried to help Aria out the door, while Spencer couldn’t even stand up. I mean, seriously, how can I not compare that to how they treated Spencer in 3B.

I’m probably leaving so much out but that has been on my mind for 1234253999000002349922777 years.

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Anonymous asked: Teen Wolf or The Vampire Diaries

make me choose between:


  • two ships
  • two characters
  • two scenes
  • two episodes
  • two shows
  • two celebrities
  • two movies
and i’ll try make gifset w/ the one i prefer

People who were getting all worked up about Spoby possibly getting a sex scene in the Christmas Special because Marlene said “romantic gestures,” just a little FYI.

Toby has a broken leg. That’s why he isn’t at the dance. There’s no Spoby sex scene in 5x13, unless it’s for comedy, because that would be the most funny sex scene ever.

So people should not get all worked up over something that isn’t going to happen.